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An Innocent VictimExternals of the Catholic Church

The Externals of the Catholic Church is a comprehensive reference containing hundreds of descriptions, facts, and explanations about the rituals, symbols, laws, and objects employed in the traditional practices of the Roman Catholic Faith. Contributing references include the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia; The Mass: a Study of the Roman Rite (Fortescue); the Costumes of Prelates (Nainfa); The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (Gihr); Roman Documents and Decrees, and many other scholarly works. Originally published in 1917, this vintage book has been completely re-typeset with fidelity to the original (without meddlesome "update" edits). The reader will be able to view a true "snapshot" of the Church at the turn of the last century as its laws and practices then stood.

From the author:

Our Catholic liturgy is a grand and harmonious manifestation of man's homage to God. Its words and ceremonies and devotions are the growth of centuries. The essentials of our Church's worship have been embellished with a wealth of ritual observance, of which each detail is symbolic of the purpose for which that worship is offered. The explanations of these manifold practices is the object of this work.

This easy-to-read volume contains dozens of illustrations and is a treasury of precious gems of the faith. Catholics and students of religion alike will find it a valued addition to a home or reference library.

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