The Externals of the
Catholic Church

Her Government, Ceremonies
Festivals, Sacramentals & Devotions, By Rev. John F. Sullivan
ISBN 0615370950

This reprint of the original 1917 edition provides a treasury of information about the rituals and customs of the traditional Catholic faith. The beauty, symbols, descriptions and practices of popes, bishops, priests, religious orders and lay Catholics is described in easy-to-understand detail. You will never look at the faith the the same way again! Completely re-typeset for enhanced readability. Dozens of illustrations.416 pages; softcover. Price: $21.95.

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Angels of the Battlefield

A History of the Labors of the Catholic Sisterhoods
in the Late Civil War, By George Barton
ISBN 0615310338

This reprint of an 1897 edition presents the fascinating story of the sacrifices and work of Catholic nuns during the Civil War. Before its original publication, nothing had yet been published concerning the selfless charitable contributions of Roman Catholic nuns. This biography describes the labors of the Sisters helping soldiers from North and South, without distinction. Contains rare photographs.336 pages; softcover.
Price: $19.95.

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Our Mother of Sorrows:
Prayers and Meditations

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Holy Habits
Nun Paper Dolls

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